Authorised Representatives

A Service Provider that subscribes to SupportAbility may nominate up to two Authorised Representatives to be their spokespersons and represent the organisation in all matters. 

This article outlines the responsibilities of these appointed representatives. Be sure to watch the Authorised Representatives video also, for more information regarding this. This video may also be found in the 'Getting Started' section of the Core tab in the Learning Centre: 


As per the authorised representative, the responsibilities of each appointed Authorised Representative are summarised as follows:

  • Authority to act for and on behalf of the Service Provider, in all matters in relation to the SupportAbility Terms of Service.
  • All statements and representations made, commitments given and/or reports submitted by these individuals shall be deemed to have been made, given or submitted by the Service Provider.
  • All communication with SupportAbility must originate from these individuals to not incur Paid Support charges.
  • Dissemination of SupportAbility communications, such as Release notes and notices, to staff as required and as such, must remain subscribed to the Release Notes mailing list at all times.
  • Promptly report errors in the operation of any aspect of SupportAbility, by sending an email to

Managing Support 

Service Providers are responsible for providing First Tier Support services for their users, making every effort to support their users and provide them with the answers to their requests.

In cases where the Service Provider’s First Tier Support services are genuinely unable to resolve a user request, SupportAbility agrees to provide Second Tier support via email provided all requests originate from the nominated Authorised Representative/s and are sent via

Nomination Form

If a change to your organisation's nominated Authorised Representatives is required, this form will need to be completed and returned to us formally, advising of this change. 

This form is required, to ensure our records are accurate and to have this appointment formally signed by a CEO or Director within your organisation. This form has been designed as an editable pdf, so your responses can be populated directly from your computer.

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