Authorised Representatives

A Service Provider that subscribes to SupportAbility may nominate up to two Authorised Representatives to be their spokespersons and represent the organisation in all matters. This article outlines the responsibilities of these appointed representatives.

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As per the Authorised Representative Nomination form, the responsibilities of each appointed Authorised Representative are summarised as follows:

  • Authority to act for and on behalf of the Service Provider, in all matters in relation to the SupportAbility Terms of Service
  • All statements and representations made, commitments given and/or reports submitted by these individuals shall be deemed to have been made, given or submitted by the Service Provider 
  • All communication with SupportAbility must originate from or include these individuals to not incur Paid Support charges  
  • Dissemination of SupportAbility communications, such as Release Notes and important announcements, to staff as required and as such, the Representatives must remain subscribed to the Release Notes mailing list at all times 
  • Promptly report errors in the operation of any aspect of SupportAbility, by sending an email to
  • Notify SupportAbility of any changes to: 
    • Contact Details of those nominated in this form 
    • Changes to the Representatives nominated in this form 
    • Changes to the Organisation name or Billing Information

Be sure to watch the Authorised Representatives video also, for more information regarding this. This video may also be found in the 'Getting Started' section of the Core tab in the Learning Centre: 

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Who is best suited to being appointed as an Authorised Representative?

Who an organisation appoints as an Authorised Representative is an important strategic decision. Not only are these individuals the ones authorised to submit queries to us on behalf of an organisation, but they are responsible for keeping up-to-date with all of the upcoming system updates and releases.

These individuals are the conduit for communication with various stakeholders across the organisation regarding important updates. Some features require strategic consideration by the executive management team for example in order to decide if & when they will be used, and if so, determining the best approach to rolling out these features to the required Staff Members when necessary.

We communicate all updates via release notes and announcements sent via email campaign. We also have some important articles that we recommend are reviewed regularly, such as: 

  • the SupportAbility Roadmap article (linked below for reference) which lists the upcoming features and updates to expect, 
  • the information published each year in our NDIS Price Guide Updates 'blog' article e.g. NDIS Price Guide Updates - 2020/21 article (linked below for reference, comprised of updates related to the many development items required to manage the 2020/21 NDIS Price Guide requirements).

The appointed individuals require the capacity to keep up with these changes and communicate them to the relevant stakeholders in a timely manner, as well as being the 'champions' of SupportAbility in order to support the business with the implementation and use of this important strategic tool. 

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Managing Support 

By way of introduction, SupportAbility is a boutique software provider and our support model does not include dedicated Account Managers per se. Our Customer Success team is comprised of four people, Adrienne in the role of Customer Success Support, our experienced Customer Success Specialists  Rebekah and Gill, with Katherine overseeing this area of our organisation as Customer Success Manager, alongside our CEO and Founder William. 

Service Providers are responsible for providing first-tier support services for their users, making every effort to support Staff Members with training and troubleshoot answers to their queries & requests utilising the articles available in the SupportAbility Knowledge Base and the videos available in the inbuilt Learning Centre. 

Unlimited second-tier email support is included as part of all SupportAbility subscriptions provided all support queries are managed internally first and channelled via these individuals when escalation is required. We are always happy to pick up the phone and call where needed, or to set up a Zoom session when better suited, however, we do require queries are submitted via email first to assist us best manage these.

All support queries are managed through our helpdesk ticketing system and we request that all questions/issues/queries are sent to us by an organisation's appointed Authorised Representatives via This creates a ticket for us to prioritise, investigate and respond to in our helpdesk system 'Help Scout'.

Incoming queries are triaged to the most appropriate person skilled to handle the query and we often collaborate where needed depending on the nature of the query. So whilst one person replies, on most occasions, the reply includes team input from the relevant parties in an effort to resolve the query successfully. All responses do originate from the 'SupportAbility Customer Success Team', however, the signature included at the bottom of the email will inform you as to who in the team has responded specifically.

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Nomination Form

If a change to your organisation's nominated Authorised Representatives is required, an Authorised Representatives Nomination form needs to be completed and returned to us formally, advising of this change. 

This includes a section listing the current Authorised Representatives, including a setting to reflect if the individual is also the Billing Contact, along with settings to select if the individual is no longer a representative or is leaving the organisation: 

If either of the Authorised Representatives is remaining in the role, there is no need to add their details again in the 'Nomination' part of the form, only details of any new individuals being appointed as an Authorised Representative are required. 

It is also important to consider the privileges and access Authorised Representatives require for this role. Generally speaking, these individuals require a high level of access, however, two options regarding how privileges will be granted to any new Authorised Representative have been included in the form. 

The first option authorises SupportAbility to grant this Staff Member each of the Security Privileges as specified in the form. Alternatively, your organisation can elect to manage this internally by selecting ' I do not give SupportAbility permission ....'.  N.B. When managing this internally, Staff Members with the 'Edit User Accounts' privilege can only grant another Staff Member the privileges which they already have themselves.

This form is required, to ensure our records are accurate and to have this appointment formally signed by a CEO or Director within your organisation. This form has been designed as an editable pdf, so your responses can be populated directly from your computer.

Please email us at if an update to your organisation's Authorised Representatives is required and we will send you a copy of the Nomination form for completion. 

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