SupportAbility Implementation Phases | Overview

Our recommended approach to the various phases of implementing SupportAbility has been updated recently, based on the feedback we have received from providers about what has worked best for them. 

An overview of each of these phases has been outlined below. As your organisation steps through each of these phases, relevant and more detailed information is available to support you each step of the way. 

Before getting started, it is important that your organisation determines a project plan for your implementation. The speed and pace of implementing SupportAbility is entirely dependent on how the project is resourced and managed by your organisation. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Finance Team, Operations Management, Team Leaders.

SupportAbility Implementation Phases

The recommended phases to implementing SupportAbility effectively are: 

  • Foundations
  • Activities
  • Finance & NDIS
  • Integration

Foundations must be completed prior to moving onto the operations phase of Activities and Finance & NDIS, which we recommend are run in parallel. The Integration phase brings everything together, to result in your organisation's required outputs. 

This summary diagram may also be viewed here


Operations - Activities & Rostering and Finance & NDIS


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