Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP)

The 2019/20 NDIS Price Guide has introduced a higher support price limit through a Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) for providers of attendant care and community & centre-based Activities who meet specific eligibility criteria. The NDIA has advised that providers will need to comply with the following requirements if they wish to claim the higher TTP price limits:

  • publish their service prices
  • list and keep up-to-date their business contact details in the Provider Finder
  • participate annually in an Agency-approved market benchmarking survey.

Participant plans are being indexed, and the NDIA have advised that claims for the new TTP support items can be made against existing service bookings that were made at the support category level (page 13 of the 2019/20 NDIS Price Guide). 

Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) setting in System Preferences

From version 6.6 of SupportAbility, a setting is available in the Funding tab of System Preferences, whereby providers may activate TTP price limits globally, essentially declaring that your organisation is planning to be TTP compliant by December 31st, 2019 and wishes to use TTP pricing from July 1st, 2019 onwards. N.B. This is only applicable for Direct Service provision. 

Providers wishing to claim at TTP Pricing levels must activate the TTP Pricing setting in System Preferences first, ahead of Activities from July 1st onwards being Signed Off, Invoiced and claimed. Before activating this setting, however, we recommend that providers:

  • Understand the compliance obligations associated with claiming Supports at the TTP pricing and decide if your organisation plans to activate this setting in SupportAbility.
  • Update all service bookings in the myplace provider portal (where required) that your organisation plans to claim TTP supports against.

What happens when the TTP setting is activated? 

There is no need for providers to create separate TTP Budgets to accommodate for allocating TTP Supports. Simply setting this in System Preferences will mean that TTP Supports are utilised. Once activated and saved in System Preferences, SupportAbility applies the following updates: 

  • Any NDIS Direct Client Funding records (with a From Date of on or after July 1st, 2019) containing Support Items for which TTP pricing is available, that had a calculated Budget: 

Will have this Budget converted to a Total Budget Value dollar amount:

N.B. The Support Item itself will not change in the Client Funding Details tab to the 'TTP' version, this is, however, the price that is used, along with the version of this Support used in the Client's NDIS Support Allocations in an Activity. 

  • All applicable Support Items allocated in Activities from the 1st of July, 2019 onwards (which are not Signed Off and do not have a completed Client Support Log) will be converted to the TTP equivalent Support Item and pricing:

  • In Activities, when allocating Supports, only the TTP version of Supports will be available for selection:

  • Both TTP and non-TTP NDIS Support expenditure/Utilisation will be included against the existing Flexible Category and Support Item Budgets configured in the current NDIS Direct Client Funding records. 

  • The TTP version of NDIS Supports are listed in the 'Detail' section of the Client Funding Statement: 

Activating TTP Pricing

To Activate TTP Pricing, navigate to the Funding tab in System Preferences: 

To Activate TTP Pricing, select the 'Change' button and the following window will appear explaining what this setting does and that it may take up to 15 minutes to apply, therefore, it is recommended to configure this after hours when other Staff are not using SupportAbility: 

Once 'Activate TTP Pricing' is selected, you will be asked to confirm this selection: 

Once Activated, it will appear as such in the configuration settings: 

How is this information displayed in the NDIS Direct Client Funding record?

An additional row has been included in the NDIS Direct Client Funding records called 'TTP Pricing'. This will display either Activated or Deactivated based on how this is configured for the purpose of Staff being aware of how this has been set for your organisation. 

NDIS Direct Client Funding records commencing on or after July 1st, 2019

Additionally, any NDIS Direct Client Funding records commencing on or after July 1st, 2019, 'TTP' will be displayed in brackets next to the Price Limit to indicate this is the TTP price when Support Items are added to the Client's NDIS Direct Funding record: 

This is also the case if 'Change Price' is selected:

NDIS Direct Client Funding records commencing before July 1st, 2019

When the Client's NDIS Direct Funding record commenced prior to July 2019 and NDIS Support Items have been configured, it is important to note that the Price Limit displayed: 

Reflects the Price Limit of this Support based on the Initial Price Guide in use e.g. 2018/19 NDIS Price Guide:  

However, where TTP pricing is activated for your organisation, the TTP version of this Support is the one used in Activities 

This is on the proviso that the latest Price Guide is in use i.e. 'As soon as available' is set for the 2019/20 Price Guide transition in the Client's the Price Guide transition tab: 

Please see the NDIS Price Guide Transition article or the 'Price Guide Transition tab' section of the Adding an NDIS Direct Client Funding article linked below for more information. 

Deactivating TTP Pricing

If your organisation needs to Deactivate TTP Pricing, this may be done by selecting the 'Change' button: 

Once 'Deactivate TTP Pricing' is selected, you will be asked to confirm this selection: 

This will ensure TTP Pricing is no longer used. 

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