Change of SupportAbility Installation Domain Name

When organisational change occurs, some providers choose to update their SupportAbility installation to reflect the new name of the organisation. 

Approximately 5 hours of development is required to complete this at a total cost of $1250 + GST. 

If this is of interest to any providers who have since changed their organisation name where this is not reflected in their current SupportAbility domain name, please have your Authorised Representatives contact to initiate this update. 

The new domain will need to be confirmed and we will then determine a new Shared Username and Password, along with coordinating a time with your organisation to make these changes at your convenience. Once this is complete, Staff would then need to navigate to SupportAbility using this new domain and the new Shared Username and Password. 

Updating the SupportAbility installation domain name is completely optional, however, is a service that we offer as many providers have chosen to update their domain name to reflect any organisational changes for ease of use for Staff. 

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