Using the Client Support Log

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Audience: Authorised Representatives, Operations Management, Team Leaders and Support Workers.


  • The Client Support Log has been configured.
  • An understanding of what the Client Support Log feature is.
  • The 'Support Log Evidence Required' Activity setting must be set to active for the Activities Client Support Logs are required for.
  • Information regarding the Client Mode PIN details for your organisation have been provided if completing Client Support Logs via 'Digital Signature'.


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When is the Client Support Log available?

  • When it has been activated for the Service delivering the Activity, and 
  • the 'Support Log Evidence Required' setting is active for the Activity.

In addition:

  • the Client must be paying for the activity using NDIS Funding, and 
  • the NDIS support items that will be invoiced and/or claimed must have been allocated. 

When this feature is activated for the Service an Activity is being facilitated by, and Support Log Evidence is set to being required, the Client Support Log feature will be available for completion: 

  • prior to the Activity being Signed Off, or 
  • after the Activity Sign Off has been performed. 

 This gives staff the opportunity to have the Support Log completed as and when required. 

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When is the Client Support Log not available?

  • When it has not been configured for the Service delivering the Activity.
  • When the 'Support Log Evidence Required' setting is not active for the Activity.
  • If the 'No Charge' setting has been applied for a Client.
  • When no NDIS Support Items have been allocated. 
  • For clients who are not paying for the Activity using NDIS Funding e.g. Billable.

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Completing a Client Support Log via 'Digital Signature' 

To complete a Client Support Log via 'Digital Signature', select the 'Support Log' button for the relevant Client: 

Select the first option of 'Digital Signature':

The Support Log via 'Digital Signature' window is then displayed: 

The Support Log via Digital Signature contains: 

  • the Participant's name and NDIS Number (as entered into their Client Details tab)
  • the Activity Date
  • the NDIS Supports allocated in the Activity i.e. the quantity, unit of measure, NDIS Support Item details, and Claim Type e.g. Standard Service
  • an option to select who is completing the Support Log Signature by, either the Participant (which is selected by default), or their Nominee,
    • where the Participant's Nominee is completing the Support Log, once selected, a field for their name becomes available. This requires completion before a signature can be recorded.

Once the signature has been recorded: 

The following options are available:     

  • Clear Signature if required, 
  • Submit the Support Log, or
  • Cancel
    • If Cancel is selected, the Client Mode PIN will need to be entered to return to the Activity (see below). 

Once submitted, a message will appear confirming the signature has been received successfully:

The 'Support Log' button will now display as blue within the Activity to indicate a Support Log has been completed for this Client:

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Client Mode

To ensure privacy is maintained, SupportAbility enters a locked Client Mode across all tabs that you are logged in on, whilst the Participant or their Nominee is completing the Support Log via 'Digital Signature':

Once the Support Log has been completed the current tab displays the Client Mode PIN window as follows: 

If the Client or their Nominee were to navigate to another tab this window would display:

To return to the Activity, the Client Mode PIN your organisation has set in System Preferences::Settings::System Settings must be entered:

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Forgotten PIN?

If the staff member logged in has forgotten the 'Client Mode PIN', they can select the 'Forgotten PIN?' link: 

This displays the System Administrator details as configured by your organisation in System Preferences::Installation Options to assist with troubleshooting. If these details have not been configured, it will simply display 'Please contact your System Administrator.'

The staff member also has the opportunity to Log Out and then log back in if required, however any unsaved changes will be lost if this option is selected. A warning message will display checking that you wish to proceed with logging out.

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Evidence Received

As an alternative to the Digital Signature, there is also an option available for staff to complete a 'Client Support Log' via 'Evidence Received'. To assist with this a 'Support Log Evidence Report' providing details about the Activity and Support Item/s allocated, can be printed out for signing off by either the Participant or Nominee.

N.B. Your organisation is responsible for determining what constitutes as sufficient evidence, in order for staff to perform the Support Log via Evidence Received. If you are unsure, please consult with your System Administrator or Manager.

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Support Log Evidence Report

The 'Support Log Evidence Report' is available from the print menu within an Activity: 

The report will appear on screen as shown below, and can be printed by selecting the Print icon: 

For group Activities, with multiple clients paying using NDIS funding, each Client's information will be displayed separately on screen, and populate on a separate page when printed:

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Support Log via Evidence Received

To complete a Support Log via 'Evidence Received', select the Support Log button for the relevant Client: 

Select the second option of Evidence Received:

Once submitted, you will be redirected to the Activity record. 

As per the Client Support Log via Digital Signature, once a Support Log has been completed via Evidence Received, the 'Support Log' button within the Activity will now display as blue to indicate a Support Log has been completed for this Client:

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Support Log Information and Removal

Once a Support Log has been completed, either via Digital Signature or Evidence Received, the Support Log icon is displayed as an information icon. The ability to remove the Support Log is also available, if required. 

Support Log Information

Selecting the 'Support Log' information icon will provide further detail regarding the Support Log completion:

Evidence Received

Digital Signature

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Remove Support Log

The Client Sign Off can be removed if required, by selecting the red trashcan icon: 

You will need to confirm you wish to remove the Support Log.  Please note anyone can remove a Client Support Log, however, you'll need to confirm this three times. Please ensure that you really ARE sure you wish to remove this, as it cannot be undone. 

Up until a new Support Log is entered, details regarding the Support Log Removal, along with information about the Support Log creation can be viewed: 

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Who can view the Digital Signature?

When a Support Log has been completed via Digital Signature, only staff with the  Privileges required to manage Activities can view the stored signature.  If a Staff member does not have this privilege granted in their Staff Account, a warning will display advising they do not have sufficient privileges to view the Digital Signature:

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Removing a client from the Activity

A client can not be removed from an Activity if a Support Log exists.  

When a Support Log is in place for a Client the 'Participant' checkbox will not be visible or accessible:

Once the Support Log is removed, the 'Participant' checkbox will appear allowing the Client to be deselected as required: 

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Adjusting Support Items

When a Client Support Log exists, their allocated NDIS Support Items cannot be amended. The NDIS Funding Allocation window in the Activity becomes read only:

If any amendments to these allocations are required, the existing Client Support Log must first be removed. This is important to ensure compliance is being upheld.  

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Filtering by Support Log

Search filters for 'Support Log'  are available in both the 'Client Activity Schedule Report' and 'Activity Filters' on the Activity tab of a Client record, to assist staff with identifying Activities which have completed Client Support Logs - either 'Digital Signature' or 'Evidence Received'. 

Activity Clients Report

The 'Activity Clients Report' includes the ability to filter by the following Support Log options:

  • Digital Signature,
  • Evidence Received, 
  • All (both Digital Signature and Other Evidence Received)
  • None

To access this Report navigate to the Dashboard and select Reports::Activity Reports::Activity Clients Report:

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Client::Activities tab

The 'Activity Filters' available on the Client::Activities tab contain the ability to filter by the following Support Log options:

  • Digital Signature,
  • Evidence Received, 
  • All (both Digital Signature and Other Evidence Received)

To open the 'Activity Filters', select the 'Show Client Support Service Filters' button located above the Activities list:

This will open the 'Activity Filter' where it is possible to refine the Activity list according to the filter set: 

Once you have applied your filter criteria, remember to select the 'Apply Filter' button to refine the Activity list:

N.B. If the 'Remove Filter' button has not been selected following your search, the filter criteria will still be active, the next time the Client's Activity tab is accessed. The 'Activity Filters' will also be open and visible.  

Selecting the 'Remove Filter' button will remove all filters, thereby the full list of Activities for this Client will be displayed.

Selecting the 'Hide Client Support Service Filters' button at the top of the 'Activity Filters' will hide the 'Activity Filters'.

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