Integration | Planning and Rollout

This phase is designed for your organisation to incorporate the implemented Activity management workflows, with the piloted Finance & NDIS processes, for the purpose of rolling out an integrated end-to-end workflow.


  • Operations Management,
  • General Managers/Department Head for each of the Services your organisation delivers,
  • Team Leaders, and 
  • Staff tasked with completing any of the Finance & NDIS processes e.g. entering Client Funding Plans, entering NDIS Support Allocations in Activities etc.

N.B. If the learning videos are watched via the links provided in this article, please note the views will not appear in your Learning Centre Log. If you would like them to, please go to the Learning Centre and view the videos in the relevant section tabs e.g: the Client Support Log subsection in the Features section tab.


Before getting underway with planning the Integration phase, we recommend the following has been completed: 

  • The Foundation Phases (one - three) of your SupportAbility implementation, 
  • Activities | Planning, Pilot and Rollout - Staff are using SupportAbility to manage day-to-day operations of Direct Services using Activities, 
  • Finance & NDIS | Planning - your organisation's business needs and required outputs for Finance & NDIS integration have been determined in order to get the most efficiencies and value from SupportAbility, and
  • Finance & NDIS | Preparation & the Finance & NDIS | Pilot trial of the end-to-end Finance & NDIS processes has been conducted using SupportAbility, including considering the lessons learned. 


Configuration must also be fully completed, before invoice batches can be exported to your organisation's Finance system, and NDIS Bulk Payment Request files generated. 

  • Finance Configuration must be complete, including entering General Ledger Codes for all Sites and Services that your organisation will be generating invoices for, and
  • NDIS Configuration must be completed before generating NDIS Bulk Payment Requests. We encourage to review the linked article or this video for more detail. 

N.B. Whilst this was a recommended step in the Finance & NDIS - Pilot, it might not have been fully completed. Therefore we recommend ensuring this is completed before rolling this workflow out organisation-wide. 

Client Support Logs

If Client Support Logs have been deemed as required in the Planning stage of your organisation's Finance & NDIS Phase of implementation, this feature must be configured, prior to it being available to use. Please review the linked article for instruction on how to complete this configuration, or review the following video


Now that the Finance & NDIS processes have been piloted using SupportAbility, and Staff are familiar with using Activities, it is time to incorporate both of these areas to result in an end-to-end workflow. 


It is important to determine who will be responsible for each step in this end-to-end workflow. This involves deciding which Staff are required to:  

Staff Training and Rollout

Determine a rollout plan for the integrated end-to-end workflow by Service type. We recommend incorporating insights from the Finance & NDIS Pilot.

Establish how the relevant Staff will be trained in each of the processes they are required to complete. 

Train all Staff in Finance & NDIS processes, covering internal processes and SupportAbility functionality.

Implement the rollout of the integrated end-to-end workflow across the organisation.

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