Linking a Standard

There are several in-built Standards available in SupportAbility, including: 

  • Each of the NDIS Practice Standards,
  • the National Disability Standards, and the
  • DMI Codes (Disability Maintenance Instrument), specific to providers of Supported employment. 

Additional Standards can be added to your SupportAbility installation as required by your organisation on the Standards tab in System Preferences by a staff member with the 'Edit System Preferences' Staff Account privilege.

Any of these active Standards can be linked to a variety of records including Goals, Journals and Incidents, and once linked to a record, they appear in the Client print Reports available for that record.

Further information regarding each of these Standards can be found in the Standards in SupportAbility article linked at the end of this article. 

Audience: Support Staff, Team Leaders, Operations Management.


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Which records can Standards be linked to?

Any of the Standards set to Active can be linked to the following records in SupportAbility: 

  • Client Goals
  • Client Journals
  • Client Incidents
  • Staff Journals
  • Contact Journals
  • Organisational Accident Incident Register (AIR) Incidents
  • Opportunities for Improvement (OFI's)

Following a Standard being linked to one of these records, a note may also be recorded to document any required information regarding the linkage and how this is being evidenced. 

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How to link a Standard

To link a Standard, navigate to the Standards section in the relevant record e.g. Journal record and select the 'Link Standards' button:

Start typing a keyword for the Standard you are looking for, e.g. 'Core', to display a list of options that match the word/s entered. Once the applicable result displays e.g. 9 - Independence and informed choice, select the related 'Link' button:

Once a Standard has been linked, it will appear in the Standards section of the record: 

A note may be entered in the 'Notes' field to provide supportive information regarding this as required. 

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Viewing the Standard details

When more information regarding a linked Standard is required, select the contextual menu (i.e the button with the three dots to the far right), then select 'View Standard':

Once this is selected, the full details of the Standard are displayed:  

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Removing a linked Standard from a record

If a linked Standard is no longer relevant, the Standard may be removed from the record by selecting 'Remove Link' from the contextual menu: 

You will receive one prompt asking if you are sure you wish to remove the linked Standard, advising this action will also discard any added Notes, and cannot be undone:

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Standards in the Client Print Reports

When a Standard has been linked to a record, it will appear in the Client print reports available for that record.  

For example, the Client Journal Report:

And the  Client Goal Report, when 'Show Standards' has been selected: 

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