Direct Invoice Search

Once your organisation has generated Direct Invoice Batches, Staff have the ability to search for individual Direct Invoices via the Direct Invoice Search functionality. The search is filterable by a range of search criteria including one or more of the following; Clients, Debtors, alphanumeric Invoice values, and Invoice Dates.

The 'Invoice List' can be sorted by each of the columns in the results table, other than Funding records, and the List results contain direct links to the related individual records; i.e. Invoices, Debtors, Clients, Client Funding records, BPRs and Invoice Batches. The 'Invoice List' can also be printed if required.

Privileges: In order to generate this search, the ‘View Financial Information’ Staff Account privilege is required, in combination with either:

  • the ‘Edit Client Records Across ALL Services’ privilege, or
  • the ‘Team Leader for ALL Services’ privilege. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Finance Team, Operations Management, Team Leaders, and anyone tasked with working with Direct Invoices. 


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How to access the Direct Invoice Search

Navigate to the Finance menu and select 'Direct Invoice Search' from the Direct Invoices section:

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Search Criteria

A range of search criteria is available to select from that can be used independently, or in conjunction, to search across Direct Invoice records in SupportAbility:

The following sections outline each of the search criteria in detail.

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The Clients filter can be used to search for individual Clients, multiple Clients, All Clients, all Active, or all Inactive Clients as required:

Typing part of a name will display the Client options that contain the value entered e.g. 'Je':

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Only those Debtors who Direct Invoices have been generated for will display in the Debtors filter for selection. 

A 'Tool Tip' is available for this search criterion to briefly explain how this functions. To access this, simply click on the ? icon:

  • For NDIS Invoices, the Debtor, or, Bill-To Customer is based on how the 'Financial Plan Manager' (FPM) has been set in the related NDIS Direct Client Funding record
  • For Non-NDIS Invoices, the Debtor is based on how the 'Invoices For' setting has been configured in the related Non-NDIS Client Funding record
    • N.B. Invoices can be located for these organisations under the 'FPM' section as highlighted below
  • In the case of 'Billable' Invoices, the Debtor is based on how the Client's Billing Contact has been configured in the Contacts tab of their record
    • For more information, please see the Client Billing Contact article linked below

The Debtors listed in this filter are grouped first by FPM, then Clients, followed by Client Contacts. You can also search for the Debtor you would like to find Invoices for by typing this into the text field. 

Selecting the required options e.g. All Star Provider, will limit the search results to Direct Invoices generated for this provider:  

More information on Debtors is available in the  Debtors in SupportAbility article, linked below for reference.

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Invoice Number Contains

The Invoice Number Contains filter can be used to search for Direct Invoices that contain the alphanumeric value entered, either the full or partial Invoice number. It is not necessary to enter the prefix or suffix, only alphanumeric values which might be specific to a limited number of Invoices.

A 'Tool Tip' is available for this search criterion to briefly explain how this functions. To access this, simply click on the ? icon:

Entering the complete alphanumeric value of the required invoice e.g. SA000057 will return the specific Direct Invoice  containing that value:

Entering a part of the alphanumeric value e.g. 6 will return all Direct Invoices that contain that value:

More information on the options available to configure the Invoice Number for is available in the Invoice Number Formatting article, linked below for reference.

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Invoice Number Range

The Invoice Number Range filter can be used to search for Direct Invoices that contain alphanumeric values From or To a specific number, or within the specified range e.g. 60 to 69:

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Invoice Date

A From/To Date, or a Date range can be entered in the  Invoice Date filter to locate Direct Invoices From/To a certain Date, or within a specified period e.g:

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Invoice List Results

Once the Direct Invoice Search has been generated, the 'Invoice List' search results display to the right of the search criteria:

Hiding the Search Criteria

The arrow positioned on the dividing line between the search criteria and the List results can be used to hide or display the search criteria as required to assist with easy viewing of the results:

Total Number of Results

The total number of search results returned are displayed at the top of the page e.g. 'Showing Invoices 1 to 10 of 10':

Sorting the Results

The Invoice List is sorted by 'Invoice Number' by default, with the lowest value displayed first and the remaining results in ascending order.  The results can however be sorted by any of the columns, other than 'Funded By', by selecting the double arrows next to the column header e.g. Client Name: 

You will notice that a single bold arrow displays for the column which defines how the List is sorted.

Selecting the arrows will initially sort in ascending order, however, if the list is required to be sorted in descending order simply select the arrows again.

Opening linked records

Selecting the target icon or highlighted links will open the related record in the current tab:

Selecting the 'arrow in the box' link next to the Invoice Number will open the View/Edit Direct Invoice screen in a new tab:

Please see the View/Edit Direct Invoice screen article linked below for more information regarding this. 

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Print the Invoice List

The Invoice List can be printed by selecting 'Print Invoice List' from the Print menu:

The print version displays as follows:

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