Generating an Internal [Direct] Invoice Batch


  • To generate invoices, Staff need the 'Edit ALL Client Records' and 'View Financial Information' Staff Account Privileges and this is done from the Reports menu. 
  • Finance Configuration must be complete. 
  • Activities must have had the 'Activity Sign Off' performed to be available to create invoices for. 


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What is an Internal [Direct] Invoice Batch?

SupportAbility is designed to produce invoice data in an export file that is then imported to your organisation's Finance system. Your Finance system will then be responsible for distributing those invoices and managing the accounts receivable process. 

An Internal [Direct] Invoice Batch is a batch of Client Invoices generated for the Activities (direct services) your organisation delivers that they have participated in. 

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Generating an Internal [Direct] Invoice Batch

An Internal [Direct] Invoice Batch is generated from the Internal Invoices section of the Reports menu: 

Use the Client Activity search criteria to determine the invoices you wish to generate in the batch, noting that only Activities which have been Signed Off i.e. approved, will be available: 

How are invoices batched?

Any Activities that the Client has participated in, where the same Funding Source has been used i.e. their NDIS Funding, will be grouped into a single invoice; provided the supports are directed to the same Financial Plan Manager (FPM), or party responsible for paying the invoice e.g. the NDIA. 

This means that one invoice may contain multiple invoice items for the various Activities the client has participated in during the reporting period.

If the Client has a customised Financial Plan Manager (FPM) for all, or part of their plan i.e. they are Self Managing, or have a Plan Manager; provided their NDIS Funding Plan has been configured this way in the Client's funding tab, SupportAbility will create and/or split out Invoices for the applicable supports based on this. 

The 'Invoices For' column displays the party whom the invoices are being issued to. In this example, we can see that invoices are going to a number of different Financial Plan Managers (FPM's), the Client, a Client's billing Contact, the NDIA and a Plan Management Company: 

Select and Generate an Invoice Batch

Select the applicable invoice/s to generate into a batch by selecting the 'Add To Batch For Generation' checkbox and then selecting the 'Generate Invoices For Batch' button. 

SupportAbility creates a unique invoice number for each invoice in this process e.g:

IMPORTANT - Invoice Preview

Whilst a preview of all Invoices is available via the target icon, it is important to clarify this is for the purpose of previewing the data included in the Invoice only. It is not recommended to print this out from SupportAbility and issue it, as the preview/print functionality has is not been designed for this purpose. 

Invoices must be imported into your organisation's Finance system. It is the responsibility of your Finance system to format & distribute these Invoices and to manage the accounts receivable process. 

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Exporting an Invoice Batch

Now that the Invoice Batch has been generated, it is ready to be exported for your organisation's Finance system. To do so, navigate to the Actions menu found in the top right corner of the screen: 

Select the applicable Invoice Batch for your organisation. 

N.B. If your organisation has had a custom invoice batch created, only your organisation will see this as an option for selection here. 

If your organisation uses a Finance system that an export is not currently available for, please review the Custom Finance Integration article. 

Invoices for the Client, or their Billing Contact, for Self Managed Clients; or the Plan Management organisation where applicable, will need to be issued to the relevant party from your organisation's Finance system. The formatting of these invoices, their distribution, along with the management of payments and reconciliation, will all be handled in your finance system.

For any Agency managed funding, where invoices are generated for the NDIA, given that there is no guarantee that every invoice the NDIS Bulk Payment Request is comprised of will be successful, many Providers choose to hold off on uploading the associated invoice batch/es to their Finance system until reviewing the claim status upon upload to the myplace provider portal. 

This allows for any unsuccessful claims to be manually removed as required and addressed. Once addressed, these can be re-processed accordingly. Please review the Finance Integration Strategy article for more information about processing invoices for the NDIA.  

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Viewing Internal [Direct] Invoice Batches

Any invoice batches created can be viewed at any time from the Reports menu:

When NDIS Bulk Payment Requests have been generated, the associated record is linked within the Invoice Batch for reference: 

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