Generating a Direct Invoice Batch

Once the Activity Sign Off has been performed, Direct Invoice Batches can be generated for Client Invoices where the Client is Self Managing their NDIS funding or has a Plan Manager managing their NDIS funding. Direct Invoice Batches can also be created for any 'Billable' charges, such as Activity Costs, or any Non-NDIS Client Invoices (if your organisation is using this functionality). 

Once a Direct Invoice Batch has been generated, an export file containing Invoice data is available to download from the Actions menu for various financial systems e.g. MYOB, Xero etc. and is designed to be imported into your organisation's finance system. Your finance system is then responsible for distributing these Invoices to the relevant parties where required, as well as managing the accounts receivable process. 

The term 'direct' refers to these Client Invoices being for the Activities (Direct Services) that they have participated in with your organisation. 

Invoice Batches for the NDIA can also be generated, however, this is completed following a Bulk Payment Request (BPR) being generated from the 'Edit Direct BPR' page. More on this can be found in the 'Generating an Invoice Batch for the NDIA' section of the  Generating a Direct Bulk Payment Request (BPR) article linked below. 

This article provides detailed information relating to the process of generating a Direct Invoice Batch. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Finance Team 


The following list summarises the content within this article. Click on the links below to take you to the relevant sections:


  • All of the required configuration outlined in the Finance & NDIS | Preparation article (linked below) must be completed
    • It is important that your organisation has considered how you would like your Invoice Numbers formatted
  • Activities must have had the 'Activity Sign Off' performed before the associated Client Invoices will be available to generate in an Invoice Batch
  • To generate Invoice Batches, Staff need the 'View Financial Information' Staff Account privilege in combination with either the  'Edit ALL Client Records', or 'Team Leader for ALL Services' privilege

Generating a Direct Invoice Batch

A Direct Invoice Batch is generated from the Finance menu: 

Select 'Generate Direct Invoice Batch':

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Search for Invoices

Use the Client Activity search criteria to determine the Invoices you wish to include in the Invoice Batch:

The search criteria available to select from are: 

  • Client - 'All Clients' are selected by default, however, this can be narrowed down to an individual as required
  • Invoices For -
    • 'All Invoices' are selected by default
    • This can be narrowed down to 'Client Invoices' only i.e. Client's who are set as the Financial Plan Manager (FPM) in their Funding record or those who are being billed directly for Billable Activity Costs or Non-NDIS Funding: 
    • This can also be filtered to a specific Financial Plan Management Contact i.e. Plan Management organisation's who are set as the Financial Plan Manager (FPM) in the Client's Funding record: 
  • Activity Date - is empty by default, however, the relevant dates you wish to search for may be entered here
  • Group Support Approach

    From the upgrade to SupportAbility v7.6 (March, 2021), when Generating Direct Invoice Batches, an additional search criterion is available to allow providers to limit the search results by 'Group Support' Approach as required:

    Providers who deliver Community and Centre Based Group Supports can use this new filter to exclude New Approach Supports when generating Direct Invoice Batches once transitioned to the New Approach, until all Transitional Support Allocations have been claimed & invoiced, and your organisation is ready to commence claiming & invoicing for Supports associated with the New Approach. Please see the  Transitioning to the New Approach for Community and Centre Based Group NDIS Supports (FY2020/21) article linked below for more information.

  • Services - 'All Services' are selected by default, however, this can be updated to include the relevant Services as required
  • Sites - 'All Sites' are selected by default, however, this can be updated to include the relevant Sites as required
  • Funding - 'All Funding Types' are selected by default, however, this can be updated to include the relevant Funding Types as required

Once the relevant search criteria have been selected, select 'Search for Invoices':

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Select the Invoices to include

Once 'Search for Invoices' is selected, a list of Available Invoices is displayed ready for inclusion in an Invoice Batch: 

The 'Invoices For' column displays the Financial Plan Manager (FPM) to whom the Invoices are being issued. In this example, we can see that they are NDIS Invoices being issued to a Client who is Self Managing their Funds as their Contact Mary O'Sullivan is receiving Invoices on their behalf, as well as to a Plan Management organisation called 'Plans R Us'. 

When the 'Preview' is selected, this opens the View Direct Invoice screen which displays the included Invoice Items for reference: 

Please see the View/Edit Direct Invoice screen article linked below for more information. 

How are Invoices batched?

Any Activities that the Client has participated in, where the same Funding Source has been used e.g. NDIS Funding, will be grouped into a single Invoice; provided the Supports are directed to the same Financial Plan Manager (FPM) e.g. Plans R Us.

This means that one invoice may contain multiple Invoice items for the various Activities the Client has participated in during the reporting period.

If the Client has a different Financial Plan Manager (FPM) for part of their NDIS Funding; provided their NDIS Funding has been configured this way in the Client's Funding tab, SupportAbility will create separate invoices for the applicable Supports based on this. 

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Generate Invoice Batch

Select the applicable Invoice/s to include in an Invoice Batch, then select the 'Generate Invoices For Batch' button:

Once 'Generate Invoices For Batch' is selected, a summary of the number of Invoices is displayed, ready to generate: 

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Edit Invoice Batch

Once Generate Invoices is selected, you are redirected to the 'Edit Invoice Batch' page, as the Direct Invoice Batch has been generated. The Edit Invoice Batch page lists the Invoice Batch Details and provides a summary of the Invoices included in the Invoice Batch:

The relevant Invoice Batch is available to download from the Actions menu to export for your organisation's finance system. More on this further below. 

Invoice Batch Details - change Invoice Date

The 'Invoice Batch ID' is displayed here and the 'Invoice Date' may be changed as required:

By default, the Invoice Date is set to the date the Invoice Batch was generated. If a different date is required, this may be updated by selecting the 'Change' button.

The 'Change Invoice Date' modal is displayed advising that the date for all Invoices in the Invoice Batch will be updated. Select the relevant date and select 'Confirm': 


The Invoices section of the Edit Invoice Batch page summarises the following: 

  • Invoice - the Invoice Number is displayed here e.g. SA000076, along with a target icon link to navigate to the Edit Direct Invoice screen as required. The Debtor for the Invoice can be changed from this screen, along with the ability to remove Invoice Items or Cancel Invoice Items as required. Please see the View/Edit Direct Invoice screen article linked below for more information. 
    • N.B. the Invoice Number can be customised for your organisation as required, as outlined in the Invoice Number Formatting article linked below. 
  • Invoice For - Displays the debtor that the Invoice has been issued for. 
    • This may be a Financial Plan Management Contact e.g. Plans R Us, the Client, or the Client's Billing Contact depending on how the relevant Funding record has been configured
  • Client - a link to the Client record is available here
  • Funding - a link to the Client's Funding record is available here 
    • If this is set to Billable (No Funding), no link is provided as this is not a Funding record
  • Value Excl GST - total value of the Invoice excluding GST
  • GST - total value of the GST component of the Invoice where applicable
  • Value Inc GST - total value of the Invoice including GST

Invoices are designed to be imported into your organisation's finance system as outlined in the following section. 

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Exporting a Direct Invoice Batch

Now that the Direct Invoice Batch has been generated, it is ready to be exported for your organisation's finance system. To do so, navigate to the Actions menu found in the top right corner of the screen: 

Select the applicable Invoice Batch for your organisation. 

N.B. If your organisation has had a custom Invoice Batch created, only your organisation will see this as an option available for selection in the Actions menu. The available options listed above are those that all providers can see and utilise.  

If your organisation uses a finance system that an Invoice Batch export is not currently available for, please review the Custom Finance Integration article linked below. 

Invoices for the Client, or their Billing Contact, for Self Managed Clients; or the Plan Management organisation who is managing a Client's NDIS Funding, will need to be issued to the relevant party from your organisation's finance system. It is the responsibility of your finance system to format & distribute these Invoices and to manage the accounts receivable process. 

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View Direct Invoice Batches

Any Direct Invoice Batches created can be viewed at any time from the Finance menu:

A list of the Direct Invoice Batches that have been generated is displayed, including: 

  • a link to each Invoice Batch
  • the Created Date
  • who it was Created By
  • the Number of Invoices included
  • the Invoice Date
  • a link to the Bulk Payment Request (BPR) if applicable
  • the Value Excl GST
  • the value of the GST component
  • along with the Value Inc GST of the Invoice Batch

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