Client Conflicts

This article provides detailed information relating to 'Client Conflicts' which have been designed to alert Staff when creating, viewing, or updating an Activity that a Client is participating in another Activity at the same time.  

The purpose of Client Conflicts is to provide information only and does not prevent Staff from adding a Client to an Activity.  Client Conflict Detection is on by default, however, this functionality can be turned off for individual Services if preferred.

Audience:  Operations Management, Team Leaders, Support Staff


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What is a Client Conflict?

Client Conflicts occur when a Client is participating in multiple Activities at the same time.

Staff are alerted to a Conflict in several ways as follows:

  • Icons - i.e. double-crossing arrows:

  • Notifications:

  • Warnings bar:

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Where do Client Conflict icons and notifications appear?

Client Conflicts appear in several areas related to Activities as follows:

  • The 'Add a new Activity' Activity Wizard 
  • Activity:Clients section
  • Activity:Warnings bar
  • Client record::Activities tab 
  • Activity Search
  • Activity Clients Report export
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Activity Wizard

When creating Activities a Conflict icon will display in the Availability column of the Activity Wizard if the Client is already scheduled for another Activity at this time:

Selecting the drop-down arrow will display information relating to the Conflict, and the target icon can be used to access the other Activity for more information:

Can Clients continue to be added to the Activity if there is a Conflict?

If there is a Conflict, Staff may continue to add a Client into an Activity, as the Conflict warning is for informational purposes only.  

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Activity:Clients section

Once the Activity has been created Client Conflicts are visible in two places within an Activity.

The Clients section, where an amber notification displays:

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Activity:Warnings bar

The Warnings bar at the top of the 'Edit Activity' screen displays the total number of Conflicts for all Clients participating in that Activity:

Opening the Warnings bar will display details regarding each of these Conflicts, including links to the related Client records and Activities:

N.B. Once the Activity Sign Off has been performed the Activity is deemed as complete and therefore any Client Conflicts are no longer considered relevant. As a result, both the amber 'Client Conflict' notifications and Client Conflicts in the Warnings bar no longer display after the Activity Sign Off has been performed.

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Activities tab of a Client Record

The 'Activities' tab of a Client record (e.g. Jim Bob) displays a summary list of all the Activities the Client has participated in or is scheduled to participate in. 

Any Activities which have a Client Conflict, either for this Client or any other Clients participating in that Activity, will display the Conflict icon in the Status column:

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Activity Search

After generating an Activity Search the Activity List will display the Conflict icon in the Status column for any Activities where one or more of the participating Clients have a Conflict:

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Activity Clients Report Export

After generating an Activity Clients Report, the results can be downloaded in a CSV file via the Actions menu.  The Activity Clients Report export contains all of the information displayed onscreen as well as additional information including Client Conflicts.  

The export displays each Client participating in an Activity on a separate line. Client Conflicts are displayed in the final column of the export noted in the following manner:

  • 'Yes' - indicates one or more Conflicts exist with this Activity for this Client
  • 'No' - indicates there are no Conflicts with this Activity for this Client 
  • 'Blank' - indicates that the Activity Sign Off has been performed and hence the previous Client Conflict status (Yes or No) is now deemed irrelevant, and the field is left blank. 

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Configuring the 'Client Conflict Detection' setting

The Client Conflict Detection functionality may be turned off for some Services if required.  

This is at the discretion of your organisation, however, a provider may choose to turn it off for Services e.g. 'Supported Independent Living (SIL)' where the related Activities are structured with a week's duration and are therefore most likely to clash with Client's participating in hourly or daily Activities such as Day Programs and Community Participation.

This is completed on the Services tab in System Preferences:

Once the Client Conflict Detection setting has been deselected for a Service, in this instance the Accommodation Service, it means that when scheduling Clients for this Service, or other Services e.g. Day Programs which share the same date/time with an Activity for the Accommodation Service, a Client Conflict will not display for either Service.

More information regarding the configuration of Services is available in the  Configuring Services article linked below.

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