How is Support Managed?

This article provides information relating to how Support for SupportAbility Sofware is managed and what to expect in this regard. 

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What are the hours of Support?

Support is provided 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Melbourne time, Monday to Friday.

Will our organisation have a dedicated Account Manager?

SupportAbility does not use dedicated account managers or customer service liaisons. We ensure that all members of our Customer Success team have an understanding of each of our subscribers, especially those in the implementation process.  We provide all our customers with equal priority support via our helpdesk ticketing system.

Does SupportAbility have SLA's (Service Level Agreements)?

We do not provide SLA’s on support response times however, we triage and prioritise all incoming support requests and responses are usually provided in a timely manner based on the priority of the query.

Can any Staff Member contact SupportAbility for assistance? 

First-tier support must be provided by an organisation's Authorised Representatives. In addition to this, system training must also be provided by the subscribing organisation. If an Authorised Representative is unable to resolve a user request, they are required to escalate the issue/enquiry on behalf of the Staff Member via email to

Unlimited second-tier email support is included as part of your SupportAbility subscription, provided all support queries are managed internally first and channelled via these individuals when escalation is required.

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What is the role of Authorised Representatives?

We require each subscribing organisation to appoint up to two Authorised Representatives to act as the dedicated spokespersons to represent your organisation in all matters. 

Please refer to the following Knowledge Base articles linked below for more information about the role and responsibilities of Authorised Representatives:

  • Authorised Representatives
  • What does implementing SupportAbility entail?

Does SupportAbility provide learning material?

Comprehensive learning material is provided via the articles published in our Knowledge Base, accessible from, and the videos available in the Learning Centre of your installation, accessible via the Dashboard.

Our learning content provides detailed information about the concepts, strategy, workflows and the 'how to' of SupportAbility.  The Knowledge Base articles particularly, are continually being updated and new ones created in response to changes and system developments within SupportAbility.

The Implementation section of the Knowlege Base provides specific information to assist new providers with implementing SupportAbility and includes strategic considerations, concepts and definitions, configuration requirements, step-by-step guides to functionality, and recommendations for piloting the end-to-end workflow.

The Introduction to the Learning Centre article linked below provides further information about our learning material.

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