Cost amortisation model for group activities (Non-NDIS)

SupportAbility can be configured to manage the different Funding Types Clients use to pay for the services they participate in. 

It understands that providers facilitate different types of Activities and Clients can pay for the support they receive in this setting via several different ways, e.g. Fee for Service (billable), NDIS Funding, HACC Funding etc.

This article outlines the current cost amortisation model in which SupportAbility determines the amount each client is charged and/or the expenditure that is accrued for participation in a group activity where the rate card is being used. 

This means that the total hours and kilometres incurred in a group activity are divided evenly across the number of participants when using the Rate Card for Non-NDIS billing. Any clients paying using a Non-NDIS funding source will be billed according to this split, or the expenditure will be accrued against their relevant funding source where invoicing is not required. 


The Day Services team at the Burbank site runs a Swimming activity twice a week for clients in the current term. The activity runs from 10:00am - 12:00pm and clients are transported to and from the recreation centre from the office. 

Three participants attend this activity regularly. An additional client may choose to attend on some days, and sometimes absences occur. The clients who attend regularly are paying in different ways as identified by their selected Funding Source: 

Two staff regularly facilitate this activity. We can see from the totals listed below, this indicates 4 hours of support is being provided along with 30 billable kilometres: 

Given there are three clients participating in this activity, the 4 hours base hours of support and 30 kilometres total will be amortised across the group. 

Cost amortisation calculation

To calculate the cost amortisation, SupportAbility first divides the total hours by the number of clients, e.g. 4 hours / 3 clients = 1.33:

This is then multiplied by the corresponding rate as set in your organisation's Rate Card. In this case, the Day Services base hours rate is $38.05. Therefore each client will be charged $50.61 [1.33x$38.05] for the hours of support provided: 

As there are a total of 30 kilometres incurred as part of this activity, this is also amortised across the group evenly, i.e. 30 kilometres / 3 = 10: 

The Day Services kilometres rate is $1.07. Therefore each client will be charged $10.71 [10x$1.07] 

Therefore each client using a non-NDIS funding source will be charged $61.31

Viewing the Cost Amortisation information

This information can be viewed in the 'Cost Amortisation' tab available for staff with the 'View Financial Information' privilege e.g. 

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