Availability (Leave) Exceptions, Clashes and the Availability Exception (Leave) Report

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What is an 'Availability Exception'?

Availability Exceptions are any changes to a person's Standard Availability which may deem them Unavailable when they usually are, or Available when they usually aren't. 

An Unavailable exception may be used to reflect Staff taking personal leave or annual leave. 

An Available exception reflects a Staff member being available when they usually aren't e.g. uni holidays. 

N.B. This functionality is rather limited and is solely designed to assist communicating Staff availability when updating the Roster and does not have the leave management capacity of a dedicated HR/Payroll platform. Therefore we recommend Providers test out this functionality to decide if it will be of use to your organisation before commencing using this. 

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What is a 'Clash'?

Clashes are designed to alert Staff when creating or updating an Activity that a Staff member or Client is participating in another Activity at the same time:

Entering Leave Exceptions via My Staff Account

Staff can enter leave exceptions via the ' My Staff Account' section of SupportAbility available from the main menu: 

Navigate to the Availability tab: 

Select the '+' Add a new availability exception button and enter the details, for example Abel was unavailable on the 13th of September as he was sick: 

You'll notice this is in a Status of 'Pending', it is awaiting approval by the relevant manager. 

To provide an example of an exception where the Staff member is available, let's say there is a family day at the centre for Clients on a Saturday. In Abel's Standard Availability he does not usually work on Saturdays, therefore he could enter in an exception to reflect that he is available on this day when he usually isn't: 

Once this is saved, it will turn to green to reflect Abel being Available on this day. 

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Approving Availability Exceptions

Staff members with the Team Leader and/or Human Resources privilege receive notifications on their dashboard when Availability Exceptions are submitted for approval for Staff who work in the Sites/Services they have access for: 

Where do Availability Exceptions appear?

Availability exceptions display when rostering Staff into Activities. These will appear in orange if the exception is pending, or red if it has been approved. 

When creating a new Activity, an 'Availability' column is displayed when adding Staff in Step 2 of the Activity Creation wizard: 

Select the drop-down arrow for more information: 

Availability issues will also appear when updating the Staff member who is rostered into an Activity. Select the 'Change' button: 

Details regarding Availability are also displayed here to assist with rostering: 

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Can Staff and Clients continue to be added to the Activity if there is an issue or clash?

If there is an Availability issue or Clash, the Staff member or Client may continue to be added to into the Activity. However, there will be a warning bar displayed at the top of the Activity record to alert you to this, along with Activity Icons displayed to assist. 

Availability Exceptions (leave) Report

A report is available to download for Staff with the 'Human Resources For ALL Staff' privilege which summarises any leave entered as an Availability Exception, along with any Annual and Personal leave amounts.  

Navigate to the Reports menu and then select the 'Availability Exceptions (leave) Report' from the Staff Reports section e.g: 

You can search by various criteria such as 

  • Type (Unavailable, Available), 
  • Status (Approved, Not Approved), 
  • Date (From, To), 
  • Staff Member, and 
  • Notes

N.B. SupportAbility does not export Availability Exceptions as, or with, Staff Timesheets.

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