Availability (Leave) Exceptions, Clashes and the Availability Exception (Leave) Report

This article provides detailed information relating to 'Staff Clashes' and 'Availability Leave Exceptions' which have been designed to assist with rostering Staff.  

The 'Availability Leave Exceptions' feature provides the ability to record both 'Unavailable' periods (personal or annual leave) exceptions when the Staff Member would usually be available; and additional 'Available' periods when the Staff Member would not usually be available. 

The Availability Exceptions (Leave) Report, filterable by a range of search criteria, summarises any leave entered as an Availability Exception, along with any Annual and Personal leave amounts.  This data can also be downloaded into a CSV export file.
Privileges: The following Staff Account privileges are required in order to access and operate the functionality referred to in this article:
  • Staff require one of the following privileges in order to access the 'Availability' tab of a Staff Account and approve Leave Exceptions - 'Team Leader' or 'Human Resources' privilege for the relevant Site/Service, or global 'Team Leader for ALL Services', or 'Human Resources For ALL Staff' 
  • Staff require either the 'Team Leader' for the relevant Site/Service or global 'Team Leader for ALL Services' privilege in order to create Activities and roster and update Staff in Activities.
  • Staff require the 'Human Resources For ALL Staff' privilege in order to run the Availability Exception (Leave) Report

Audience: HR Specialist, Team Leaders or anyone tasked with rostering Staff.


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What is an 'Availability Exception'?

Availability Exceptions are any changes to a person's Standard Availability which may deem them Unavailable when they usually are, or Available when they usually aren't. 

An Unavailable exception may be used to reflect Staff taking personal leave or annual leave. 

An Available exception reflects a Staff member being available when they usually aren't e.g. uni holidays. 

N.B. This functionality is rather limited and is solely designed to assist in communicating Staff availability when updating the Roster and does not have the leave management capacity of a dedicated HR/Payroll platform. Therefore we recommend Providers test out this functionality to decide if it will be of use to your organisation before commencing using this. 

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What is a 'Clash'?

Clashes are designed to alert Staff when creating or updating an Activity that a Staff Member is participating in another Activity at the same time. Selecting the down arrow will display details of the Clashing Activity:

A Staff Member can continue to be rostered into an Activity by selecting the anchor icon, as the Clash warning is for informational purposes only. 

If the Staff Member displaying a Clashing Activity is rostered into the current Activity the Clashes icon will display for this Staff Member in the Staff section of the Activity:

Once the Activity Sign Off has been performed the Clashes icon will no longer display as the Clash is deemed no longer relevant:

Activity Staff Report Export

The Staff Clash status for each Staff Member rostered into an Activity is included in the Activity Staff Report export. The different status referenced in the export are as follows: 

  • Yes' - indicates one or more Clashes exist with this Activity for this Staff Member
  • 'No' - indicates there are no Clashes with this Activity for this Staff Member 
  • 'Blank' - indicates that the Activity Sign Off has been performed and hence the previous Staff Clash status (Yes or No) is now deemed irrelevant, and the field is left blank. 

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Entering Leave Exceptions via My Staff Account

Staff can enter leave exceptions via the ' My Staff Account' section of SupportAbility available from the main menu: 

Navigate to the Availability tab: 

Select the '+' Add a new availability exception button and enter the details, for example Abel was unavailable on the 13th of September as he was sick: 

You'll notice this is in a Status of 'Pending', it is awaiting approval by the relevant manager. 

To provide an example of an exception where the Staff member is available, let's say there is a family day at the centre for Clients on a Saturday. In Abel's Standard Availability he does not usually work on Saturdays, therefore he could enter in an exception to reflect that he is available on this day when he usually isn't: 

Once this is saved, it will turn to green to reflect Abel being Available on this day. 

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Approving Availability Exceptions

Staff members with the Team Leader and/or Human Resources privilege receive notifications on their dashboard when Availability Exceptions are submitted for approval for Staff who work in the Sites/Services they have access for: 

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Where do Availability Exceptions appear?

Availability exceptions display when rostering Staff, either when creating or updating Activities.  The ' Availability issue' Activity icon displays in Activity related Searches and Reports when a Staff Member with an Availability exception has been rostered into an Activity. 

Activity wizard

Availability exceptions will display when rostering Staff. These appear in orange if the exception is pending, or red if it has been approved. 

When creating a new Activity, an 'Availability' column is displayed when adding Staff in Step 2 of the Activity Creation wizard: 

Select the drop-down arrow for more information: 

Availability issues will also appear when updating Staff members rostered into an Activity. Select the 'Change' button: 

Details regarding Availability are also displayed here to assist with rostering: 

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Searches and Reports

When a Staff Member has been rostered into an Activity where there is an Availability issue for that Staff Member, the 'Staff Availability issue' icon

 will display in the 'Status' column of the following Searches and Reports:

  • Activity Search - to indicate one of the Staff Members rostered for this Activity has an Availability issue:

  • Activity Report - to indicate one of the Staff Members rostered for this Activity has an Availability issue:

  • Activity Staff Report - the Availability issue icon displays on the line of the relevant Staff Member who has the Availability issue:

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Can Staff continue to be added to the Activity if there is an issue or clash?

If there is an Availability issue or Staff Clash, the Staff member may continue to be added to the Activity. 

There will, however, be a warning bar displayed at the top of the Activity record to alert you to this:

Along with Activity Icons:

  • Availability Issue

  • Conflicting Activities - Staff Clash

displaying in the 'Availability', 'Clashes' and 'Status' columns in the Staff section of the Activity:

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Availability Exceptions (leave) Report

A report is available to download for Staff with the 'Human Resources For ALL Staff' privilege which summarises any leave entered as an Availability Exception, along with any Annual and Personal leave amounts.  

Navigate to the Reports menu and then select the 'Availability Exceptions (leave) Report' from the Staff Reports section e.g: 

You can search by various criteria such as 

  • Type (Unavailable, Available), 
  • Status (Approved, Not Approved), 
  • Date (From, To), 
  • Staff Member, and 
  • Notes

The onscreen results in the 'Staff Availability Exception List' draw data from the 'Availability Exceptions' section on the 'Availability' tab of Staff Accounts, and include the following information:

  • From - the 'From' date of the Availability Exception
  • To -  the 'To' date of the Availability Exception
  • Type - the Type of Availability Exception (e.g. Available, Unavailable)
  • Status - the Approval Status for the Availability Exception (e.g. Pending, Approved, Not Approved)
  • Staff Member First Name
  • Staff Member Last Name
  • Annual Leave Hrs - the number of hours for the exception relating to Annual Leave
  • Personal Leave Hrs - the number of hours for the exception relating to Personal Leave
  • Private Notes
  • Shared Notes

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Availability Exceptions List export file

Once the Results List for the 'Availability Exceptions (leave) Report' has generated, this data can be downloaded into a CSV export file.

To do this navigate to the 'Actions' menu and select 'Download Availability Exceptions List':

The 'Availability Exceptions List' export contains all of the information displayed onscreen as well as the following additional Payroll related data:

  • SupportAbility Staff ID
  • Payroll System Category
  • Payroll System Identifier

N.B. SupportAbility does not export Availability Exceptions as, or with, Staff Timesheets.

Staff Member's Name

You will note in the onscreen Results List that the Staff Member's name displays with the first and last name together in the 'Staff Member' column:

In the 'Staff Availability Exceptions Report' export file, however, the Staff Member's name is separated into two columns, 'Staff Member First Name' and 'Staff Member Last Name':

Staff Member names are separated into two columns in the CSV export file to facilitate easier sorting of data by surname, and potentially more easily match data fields when importing the data into your Finance/Payroll System.

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