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When an organisation delivers Plan Management Services under the NDIS, External Invoices received from NDIS Service Providers can be entered into the relevant Client's FPM tab. Invoice Items are added to these external invoices, to list their corresponding NDIS Support Items for inclusion in the NDIS Bulk Payment Request file your organisation generates for claiming. 

In order to enter External Invoices into a Client's NDIS FPM tab, the NDIS Service Provider record of the corresponding organisations you are receiving invoices from must be entered first along with their corresponding Creditor ID as per your organisation's Finance system. 

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How to create an NDIS Service Provider Contact record

To create an NDIS Service Provider Contact record in SupportAbility, add a new Contact, by selecting the '+' icon for 'Contacts' on the Dashboard : 

On the Contact Details tab:

  • Enter the Company Name, ABN (if relevant), Address and any other applicable details regarding the organisation
    • N.B. SupportAbility verifies that the first two digits of the ABN are valid based on the 11 digit ABN being structured as a 9 digit identifier with two leading check digits, as per the Australian Business Register guidance outlined here
  • Select the NDIS Service Provider checkbox in the Financials section. This is required to ensure that the Service Provider can be added in the Client's FPM tab when entering External Invoices
  • Enter the Creditor ID that corresponds with the identifier in your organisation's finance system
  • Remember to select Save Contact 

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Adding an NDIS Service Provider to the Client's FPM tab

Once created, the NDIS Service Provider will be available for selection when entering External Invoices into the Client's FPM tab e.g:

External Invoices received can then be entered for the applicable NDIS Service Providers the Client is receiving services from requiring payment and claiming.

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NDIS FPM tab in the Contact record

Only those Staff Members who have been granted the 'View Financial Information' Staff Account privilege and have access to the FPM Service will be able to see and access the 'NDIS FPM' tab.

In this example the Contact  Helping Hand has been configured as 'NDIS Service Provider' on the 'Contact Details' tab of the Contact record:

The NDIS FPM tab for this Contact displays the following information and links to the related records:

  • The Clients who External Invoices have been received from for this Contact
  • Start and End Date of Service period (entered in the Client's FPM tab)
  • External Invoices (entered in the Client's FPM tab)

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