Notional Unit Price Support Items

Changes have been made to how a number of Support Items are now claimed. Many Support Items that previously did not have a Price Limit have a Unit Price of $1 and are referred to as 'Notional Unit Price' Support Items in the Price Guide and Support Catalogue. 

IMPORTANT - We are currently reviewing possible options to assist providers charging for these Notional Unit Price Support Items and more information will be provided regarding this in due course. Thank you kindly in advance. 

This article discusses what 'Notional Unit Price' Support Items are, how these appear in SupportAbility and some considerations when utilising these Supports. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, Finance Team, Team Leaders


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What is a Notional Unit Price Support Item?

On page 15 of version 1 of the   2021/22 NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits documentthe NDIA states that: 

Where a support item does not have a price limit then the provider and participant should agree on the reasonable price for the support...The provider should claim for that item by reference to the “notional unit price” that is set out in the 'NDIS Support Catalogue' or the 'NDIS Assistive Technology, Home Modifications and Consumables Code Guide'.

Example – Claiming for Activity Based Transport The activity based transport support items are not subject to price limits but have a “notional” unit limit of $1.00. If, as in the above example, the non-labour costs of the activity based transport was $21.50 (in this example against the support item 04_590_0125_6_1) then the provider would submit a payment request for 21.5 units at $1.00 a unit for a total cost of $21.50

Given the price of these Supports is $1, and based on the above example, providers are now expected to enter the value to be invoiced or claimed in the Quantity field. More on this has been outlined below. 

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How are Notional Unit Price Support Items identified?

Blue notification messages have been added to NDIS Support Allocations and NDIS Direct Client Funding records and to help identify Notional Unit Price Supports. 

NDIS Support Allocations

NDIS Support Allocations that utilise the 2021/22 Price Guide also include a blue message to indicate which Supports have a 'Notional Unit Price': 

NDIS Direct Client Funding record

A blue notification message is displayed for the relevant Supports in NDIS Direct Client Funding records created after the 1st of July, 2021: 

N.B. This message is not displayed for Funding records that were created prior to July 1st, 2021 that already had one of these Support Items added as the concept of 'Notional Unit Price' Supports was not applicable at this time. 

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Considerations when Allocating Notional Unit Price Support Items

Given the Price for Notional Unit Price Support Items is $1, the Quantity for these Supports needs to reflect the value to be charged to the participant. 

For example, if we are charging for Provider Travel Non-Labour Costs 01_799_0107_1_1 , and we need to charge for kilometres and a parking fee, we need to calculate the total value of each of these costs first, then enter this in the Quantity field e.g. 13kms x 85 cents = $11.05, therefore 11.05 has been entered here, as well as 5 for a $5 parking fee: 

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How are Notional Unit Price Support Items that require a Portion managed?

Where a 'Notional Unit Price' Support Item is also required to be divided by the number of participants in the group, the 'Full Price' i.e. the true total group value must be entered into the Quantity, and then the relevant Portion selected, for the $1 Unit Price to be apportioned by the number of participants, thus resulting in the correct Value being charged. This will ensure the apportioned price does not exceed the $1 until amount and the Value will continue to be calculated correctly.

For example, if 30 kms needs to be charged for two participants for Activity Based Transport 04_591_0136_6_1 at the price of 85 cents per kilometre, you would need to calculate the full value to be charged first i.e. 30 x .85 = 25.50, then add this 'Full Price' group total into the Quantity field, then select the required Portion, 1:2: 

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How to search for 'Notional Unit Price' Support Items

'Notional Unit Price' Support Items can be searched for using the 'Support Items' search criterion in the following reports: 

  • Client Funding Search Report
  • NDIS Budget Utilisation Report
  • Allocations Report

For example, if you wish to review NDIS Support Allocations in Activities after the 1st of July, 2021 for Notional Unit Price Support Items that have not been Signed Off, this can be achieved using the Allocations Report:

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