Creating a Staff Account

This article steps through Creating a Staff Account and includes details about how to configure Security Privileges, itemising access by Site and Service, setting up their account details, including their Username & Password which is required in order for the individual to log in and start using SupportAbility. 

Audience: Authorised Representatives, HR Specialist, Team Leaders, and anyone tasked with creating or updating Staff Accounts.


  • The 'Edit User Accounts' Staff Account privilege is required, to create Staff Accounts
  • A comprehensive understanding of Staff Account Privileges as outlined in this article (linked below), or video. This may also be found in the 'Staff Management' section of the Learning Centre: 

  • It is important that your 'Company Name' and 'System Administrator' details have been configured correctly in the Installation Options of System Preferences, as this information is populated in the email sent to Staff when setting their Password:


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How to create a Staff Account

To create a new Staff Account, navigate to the plus icon next to the Staff Accounts search on the dashboard. This will only be visible if you have the required privileges to do so. 

Select this and then confirm you wish to 'Add a new Staff Account': 

This will navigate you to the new Staff Account record, which is Active by default. Staff Accounts are broken up into a series of tabs, with the first tab being 'User Details'. 

There are four sections in the 'User Details' tab of a Staff Account which require configuration: 'User Details', 'Account Details', 'Security Privileges' and 'Sites and services where this staff member works'. Each of these areas will be explored further below. 

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Setting up a Staff Members access privileges

There are two areas in a Staff Account where privileges and access is granted:

  • Security Privileges, and 
  • Sites and services where this staff member works

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Security Privileges

This is where Staff Accounts are made active or inactive, however, most other settings in this section are for Staff requiring high levels of system access as this is where global organisation privileges can be allocated: 

To assign the Staff Member high-level Security Privileges such as access to 'Edit Client Records Across ALL Services', simply check the relevant settings for the individual. For more information on what each of these settings does, select the question mark next to the setting.  N.B. Staff may only be granted privileges to the equivalent of or less than, those of the individual logged in. 

Each of the privileges with the word 'ALL' in them, grant Staff this level of access across the entire organisation: 

Only Staff who need access to all of the Client's and/or Staff at your organisation should be granted these privileges. Particular caution is recommended when your organisation delivers Support Coordination and/or NDIS Financial Plan Management Services as these global privileges will inadvertently give Staff access to these specialist Services. 

The 'User is a Manager' and 'View Financial Information' privileges, when granted, apply this level of access to the Client records the Staff Member has been granted access to i.e. either all when any global privileges have been granted for 'ALL Services' or based on the 'Sites and services where the staff member works' as outlined below. 

For example, if the Staff Member has access to all Clients via the 'Edit Client Records Across ALL Services' and the 'View Financial Information' privilege, they will be able to access every Client record, including the Funding tab where they will be able to add & edit Client Funding records as a result. 

If however, the Staff Member only has access to the Day Services @ the Melbourne (HQ) Site, as well as the 'View Financial Information' privilege, they will only be able to see the Funding tab in the Client records of those who participate in this Service at this Site: 

Comprehensive information regarding each of these Security Privileges can be found in the Staff Account Privileges article (linked below) or this video

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Sites and services where this staff member works 

This is where access can be set according to the specific areas of the organisation the Staff member works in. Once entered, additional privileges can also be allocated here, for any Staff with management responsibilities in these areas of the organisation. 

Select the plus icon next to ‘Add a new site/service’. This will add a row to be updated by selecting the Sites and Services the Staff Member works in. 

For example, if we need to grant this Staff Member access to each of the Services at the Melbourne site, we simply need to add one row here for the Melbourne headquarters and leave the default Service set as Administration [ALL SERVICES]. As the name here implies, setting access in this manner grants the Staff Member access to  all Services at this Site:

Alternatively, if the Staff Member works in selected Services at the same Site, for example, Day Services and In Hom Support, which are both managed from this Site, two rows will need to be added, to reflect each: 

Similarly, if the staff member works in the same service but across multiple sites, additional rows will need to be added for each: 

Once the Sites and Services have been added, then any additional privileges that are required can also be added. 

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Site/Service based privileges

For example, if this Staff Member had management responsibilities for the Supported Independent Living (SIL) Service and needed to see the holistic Roster; view the dashboard for other members of this team, create, edit and manage Activities, along with performing the Sign Off which is a requirement before invoicing, then they would require the Team Leader privilege also: 

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Whether a Staff member works in one or multiple Services, it is important to set one of the Services as their 'Primary' Service so that it appears as the default selection for them when entering information in SupportAbility.

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From and To Date

A 'From Date' and/or 'To Date' date may also be added, if deemed required, to reflect the period in which the Staff Member is working in this Site and Service. A date range may be added to reflect the period in which a Staff Member is temporarily working in a Site/Service if this is for a limited period, or when a Staff member ceases working in a Service for example. 

Adding a To Date restricts ongoing access to Client records who participate in that Site and Service unless the Staff Member also works in another Service the Client participates in. 

Services which have an 'end date' selected and that date is in the past, the relevant line item will be greyed out:

Entering a date range for Site/Services in Staff Accounts is not required when Staff regularly work in a Site/Service on an ongoing basis. Once a Staff Member leaves your organisation, we recommend following the steps outlined in the Deactivating a Staff Account article (linked below).

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Configuring the Staff Members account details

User Details

This section is where the Staff Member's First name and Last name is entered, along with information regarding their location, Primary Site/Service and the SupportAbility ID of the record is displayed: 

Timezone and Default State

When an organisation operates in one Timezone/State, this setting is already configured when your installation is provisioned and cannot be customised: 

However, when an organisation operates across  multiple Timezones/States, the 'Timezone' and 'Default State' fields must be updated when creating each Staff Account:

The current 'Date and Time' is displayed next to the Timezone field and updates based on what is selected. 

Primary Site and Service

The 'Primary Site' and 'Primary Service' fields displayed here are automatically populated, as determined by the Site/Service checked as 'Primary' in the ' Sites and services where this staff member works' section of the Users Details (as outlined above).

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Account Details

Account Details is where your organisation's Shared Security Details are displayed for reference: 

As well as the Individual Security Details where the Staff Members 'Work Email Address', 'Username' and 'Password' is configured to grant the Staff Member access to SupportAbility: 

Work Email Address

The Work Email Address is primarily used for sending the Set or Reset Password Link, and when the Staff Member selects 'I forgot my password' on the login page and enters their Username. If no email address has been entered, or an incorrect Work Email Address has been entered, this will result in no email being sent and they, therefore, not be able to reset their Password. 

If no Work Email Address has been saved, then the only option to Set the Staff Members Password will be to do so manually, rather than being able to send an Email Link (as outlined below) e.g: 

Ensuring Staff Members' Work Email Address has been entered in all Staff Accounts is also useful for the purpose of emailing all Staff members in a list of results, generated from the Staff Accounts Search:

More information about this bulk email feature is outlined in the Staff Account Search article and Send Bulk Email article, both linked below.

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A Username is required before a Password may be set: 

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Set Password

Once a Username has been entered, select the 'Set Password' button:

Two methods are available to do so, either 'Send Password Link', or 'Set Password' manually, both outlined further below.  

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Send Password Link

When 'Send Password Link' is selected, a Reset Password link is emailed to the Work Email Address entered for the Staff Member by selecting 'Confirm' (as above). It is important to note that this link will expire in 3 days from the point it was sent. 

Once confirmed, a date and time stamp appears to indicate when this was last sent: 

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Reset Password Link email

The Staff Member will receive an email from SupportAbility on behalf of your organisation. This email contains: 

  • details about your organisation's Shared Username and Password, which is the first level of security required before entering or updating your individual password
  • a Reset Password link, and 
  • details of the System Administrator to contact if you experience any ongoing issues. 

Select 'Reset Password' to navigate to SupportAbility to do so. 

N.B. Instead of 'All Star Provider ' it will state your organisation name as configured in the Installation Options section of System Preferences as outlined above. 

N.B. Instead of 'Compliance Team' details, your System Administrator as configured in the Installation Options section of System Preferences (as outlined above) will be displayed. 

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Shared Security

Please note that if the Staff Member has not logged into SupportAbility before, they will be prompted to enter your organisations Shared Username and Password as the first level of Security: 

N.B. The prompt to enter the Shared Username and Password will look different, depending on the web browser being used to access SupportAbility, the above example is using the Safari web browser.  

As mentioned above, the Shared Username and Password information is included in the Password Link Email. This is also displayed in the User Details tab of the Staff Account e.g:

The Staff Member can also see this information in their 'My Staff Account' section of SupportAbility.  

Once entered, the Staff Member may choose to set the browser to 'Remember this password' so they do not have to enter this each time they log in to SupportAbility e.g: 

It is important to note that whilst they may set this to remember upon initial Log In, if they log into SupportAbility from a different machine or web browser, they will be prompted to enter this again. 

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Individual Security

Once the Shared Username and Password have been entered successfully (as required), the Username as configured is displayed and the Staff Member will be prompted to enter a password based on your organisation's requirements, noting that if Password Strength Management has not been configured from the default, the minimum requirements as mentioned above will be listed here:

Once the password has been updated a successful confirmation will appear:  

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Set Password manually

When Set/Reset Password manually is selected, this allows you to enter a temporary password for the Staff Member, and select whether or not to prompt them to update their password upon next log in: 

To do this, enter a password that meets your organisation's requirements, noting that you will need to provide this temporary password manually to the Staff Member, to ensure they can log in:

Once entered a confirmation message will be displayed: 

If the Staff Member is prompted to change their password to something more secure upon logging in with the temporary password i.e. 'Force password reset on next log in' is selected; once the temporary password has been entered successfully, this will be required: 

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Force password reset on next log in

Whilst 'Force password reset on next log in' can be deselected, the only time we recommend doing so, is if you believe a Staff Members Account security has been compromised. Therefore, whoever may be logging into the Staff Members Account will no longer be able to gain access using the previous password. 

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